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September 26, 2006


Jackie Dupont "Officially Irked"

I would also like to comment how appalling it is that websites like USA Today's page would capitalize on this distressing social phenomenon that is killing girls - by putting advertisements for DIETS right next to your article!
Just goes to show you how pervasive this message of thin as beautiful really is.

Sharon Lamb

Thanks Jackie, for pointing that out. You are so right. Our friend, MJ, who runs www.girlzone.com turns down ads from diet companies for her girl site, although they have pitched the idea to her and she could really support her site by taking them!

Meredith Knight

The messages don't stop for older women. I'm always taken aback by the Women's Day and Family Circle and other magazines aimed at women in the check out line. Every odd line is about making some scrumptious dessert, followed by a strategy of how to "walk off the weight" that one gained, presumably, from the aforetomentioned scrumptious dessert!!
We live in a culture of consumption with an underlying thread of guilt associated with that consumption. What is a concerned, everyday girl or woman, to do in light of these conflicting messages?


I do not if you have already seen it but if not the new People Mag. that is out highlights this epidimic of young girls losing their lives to eating disorders. It is so sad and I feel so much of it is being highlighted by Hollywood. They are capitalzing on thinness everywhere. Every star that was once healthy looking has become extremely thin and these are the people on every mag. esp. trashy ones. People mag. shows how frightenly thin women are and that women are becoming sicker and sicker.
They show the sad, honest side in the article yet at the same time I felt that they also show how many women suffering from eating disorders thrive on this control and image, being "Pro-Ana" and belonging to clubs that support this ill thinness and destruction. I guess you have to show both sides to the story but personally I wish they would just show how sad and scary these false ideals of beauty are and that nothing is healthy about destroying your body. Nothing.

Sexy Black Women

Models today absolutely ward women body images. I'm just glad that girls also have role models with normal figures, like Beyonce.

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