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October 25, 2006



Yeah, I guess if you're an ugly nerd sucks for you.

Sigh... so if I may ask, are there any positive teenage girl magazines available today? I used to read seventeen, but I probably would shudder at it now. If anyone knows of some I'd love to know.

Sharon Lamb

Try TEEN VOICES. I really like it! Maybe I should find the webpage and add it to our list on the left.


yeah there arent many good teen magazines..theres always american girl. i couldnt tell that it was bought by mattel very girl friendly too. I also think its really pathetic that girls who wanna go into engineering are referred to as "nerds", and that all girls magazines have like what celebrity is dating who or "are u zac efrons dream girl" or "how to get your crush to notice you". I myself am into alot of computer magazines(web design, photoshop, flash, etc.) and they are really cool and i couldnt care less about what makeup is in style. Im shocked that girls at my school who are like 13 feel the need to wear make up and have boyfriends. It just seems that you cant see the line between adult and kid anymore...

Russian Dating

Hey, nice job on the blog here. Some good ideas. Keep up the good work.


Actually, a girl who is both petty and smart is pretty cool because she it shows that you don't have to blend in with boys for power.

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