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November 30, 2006



Buying used is good for the environment, too!

Horseriding takes balance (which means core muscles, which are important for lifting things, holding yourself in ways that will help you have sex that pleases you without fatiguing yourself, running fast, etc.) It's also a bit of an elitist role model of a good thing to do, but at least it's not the carrying case I found with a fashionably dressed, midriff-showing polly and world landmarks built with steel & stone mined by badly-treated people. As if we should glorify either. ;-) Horserearing might be elitist and a wasteful consuming lifestyle compared to yoga as core-strengthening, but raising a horse and training it are less wasteful than jetsetting...that's for sure.

Polly's friends can come visit her folding "house" on scooters they bought! (With money from working hard at owning and improving a pizza franchise? See below.) Safely, too--they're wearing helmets.

A canoe! (Among other things)

Less pink, more primary colors. Teaches your niece to aspire to live in a crazy bungalow with minimal Chemlawn and fun things (like a hammock at the top of a tree) in the garden.
I think this is the best of the "domestic" conditioning themes. I mean, hey, everyone's got a house--that's not sexist in and of itself. And crazy sustainable homes she sees when she grows up will totally remind her of the house she had as a kid for Polly! ;-)

I don't know what the heck it is, but it doesn't look too bad.

Oh my gosh. Is that a sleepover? Is that someone having social fun in a house that isn't oversized for one person? Is that someone making life happy without being an overconsumer? Sweet!
As for the second one in that listing, make sure that when she gets bored with it, she & her mom promise to keep it until the next time you can come over. Then disassemble it with her, have her figure out how the rotating thing works, and cut similar pieces out of cardboard & paper and see if she can design a mechanism like it. (Not straight, not perfectly circular, and contained in a small space.) She'll love it if she gets to do it spending the time with you.

Polly doesn't work here--she owns the business and checks in on the franchise now and then. But maybe one of her pals on scooters owns this franchise, and some other little dolls work there.
Hey, just sayin'... Remember that playtime usually involves a different backstory for every friend who comes over, and when you're over, the toy might come out... I've done some astonishing manipulations of the backstory for "playing house" before. *wink wink*

Man, I'd forgotten all about Polly Pocket. The real travesty about the new versions seems to be that they lack those bases and circles that let them stand. You can create much more when you can leave your doll alone for a bit and let her enjoy where she is while you set up other stuff. Go vintage, go vintage! But hurry--some auctions close this weekend.

(that second link was my attempt to make the search more universal, but it seems to have expanded the search terms so more appear--not sure how that happened)


American Girl is owned by Mattel!? BOOOO


So...how'd it go? Anything from Ebay?

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