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December 26, 2006



Great thoughts!

I bought your book a month ago or so... I'm looking forward to reading it. It's next on my to-be-reviwed list.

*cheers to the new year*

Michelle B

Nice round-up.

The AG brand was expanded to products other than the historical dolls before Mattel came into the picture in 1998. The Bath & Body Works relationship was forged in 2005, so maybe AG's parent company deserves a bit more credit?

That aside, do you think there's a healthy way to offer products that align with preteen play patterns (like emulating the behavior of older girls/adults)? If so, what has Mattel/AG done wrong here?

Perhaps using the AG mailing list for Barbie collector catalogs has more to do with marketing to the purchasers of AG products (adults) than young girls.


Great list-- I wonder what '07 will bring. Personally, I'm wondering if the recent controversy over models and body image will spill over into this year and begin to cause real change.


The Dove makeover ad was interesting and useful. But the self-esteem program? My daughters don't need to learn about self-esteem from a corporation, complete with beauty bag and product samples.


Comic about Little mermaid influence...


Sharon Lamb

Hello all. We're not sure how to acknowledge that these comments were written by Lyn but we're both here reading you!
--- We just added demandit to our list of online resources for the paperback, due out this year. Thanks in advance for reviewing us!

----Michelle, thanks for the info about AG. But the new catalogs, since Mattel, are different in ways that concern us. More on that coming soon. In response to your question about preteens, our concern is the way the desire to emulate teens and adults has been channeled into a narrow kind of body consciousness in young girls who, when left to their own devices, would not care about how they smell, whether their nails are done, or if they have lip gloss on. It's not the desire to look to older girls that bothers us, but the way being a "teen girl" is narrowly defined as caring about makeovers, appearance, and body when we all know that being a teen can also be about a thousand other great activities and interests.
Maybe the Barbie Collector catalogs, with its line of "pin up" and runway model Barbies are not meant for girls (although they list girl ages as appropriate in the catalog), but it came addressed to Lyn's 11 year old daughter.

---Yes, Becky, we agree. Let's leave that to educators and parents, people whose concern for girls' self-esteem doesn't make them a ton of money. We don't uncritically embrace Dove and certainly not their parent company Unilever, which has questionable marketing campaigns. But given that all these corporations are about making money and given that they have a choice about how to do it, we were glad to see a little education and something other than stick thin models in ads.

---Hope you are right, Jennifer, that '07 will bring positive change! There's lots of concern about the sexualization of little girls toys and clothing--hope that will also have an effect on what's available to girls.

barclay -- Will check out Little Mermaid spoof!

Paul Marobella

I have a daughter and I'm a marketer. I love what you're doing on this blog and have read with intent interest. Your perspective on Dove being a great campaign, I couldn't agree more. Even their latest entries into the campaign with the boomer women has given the brand message more legs. Keep up the great work.

Sara no H.

I realise I'm late to the party, but I was wondering whether I might get some clarification re:

"Boys Only Movies: Ice Age 2, Cars, The Wild, and Over the Hedge. Girls who encountered any of the massive marketing for these movies will have seen over and over the “boys only” message. Only boys are permitted to get wild and crazy, to be leaders, rescuers, goofballs, and sidekicks, to go on adventures, to save the day."

I saw all of those movies save The Wild (though I did see its twin, Madagascar) but not the advertisements for them -- and I'm assuming my feminist glasses must need polishing because I can't figure out what's really "boys only" about these films, unless it's simply the sheer number of male characters.

(Okay, so that bit in Over the Hedge where they give Stella a makeover and send her to seduce that Persian pratcat is ringing an alarm bell, but honestly that's the only thing I can come up with...)


Girl Rocker Avril Lavigne is in Over the Hedge, FYI...

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