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December 21, 2006



Being the mother of a son and a daughter, I both contribute to and get annoyed with the "boys" and "girls" toys we have in our house. In your post, you say girls can build a K'NEX robot, but K'NEX also has a line of "girls" sets so they are just as guilty of feeding into the myth that if it's pink, girls will buy it. My son has discovered Toobeez and they are truly gender neutral. He uses them to build large things like forts and houses and a puppet theater. My daughter also enjoys them and the colors are primary so they're not "boys" or "girls" toys, they're just toys for kids.


Yes, girls can build robots with K'NEX but K'NEX also has a "girls" line feeding into the theory that if it's pink, girls will want it.


"Prophecy of the Stones" is pretty horrible, if I may be frank...I wouldn't give it to my kids, but I definitely agree about the Series of Unfortunate Events thing.


You're overlooking GL. I found this system in the latest issue where girls can have friends outside their state. Imagine that! Girls being friends! And learning about other states! Now this is in a much later, issue, but still!

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