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February 08, 2007


Dr. Susan Bartell

Sorry you didn't make it into the article. You should have!! Unfortunately, the power of the almighty dollar is more important to the media and the advertisers than our kids

Shaping Youth

Concur that you would've been a perfect resource for them, as would Shaping Youth, but as I just wrote about their accusation of parental 'complicity'---they were too busy being 'complicit' with making the registers go ka-ching by featuring that cover photo of celebs as a marketing draw.

The content was not particularly insightful, though they made a few good historic references re: the Mae West & Madonna 'twas ever thus' phenom.

Unfortunately, I disagree w/the downplaying of same, as it's an ENTIRELY new 'media-n-marketing' world out there when it comes to 'packaging' girlhood, womanhood, and childhood altogether.


Christina Aguilera turned out OK...

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