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February 21, 2007


Shaping Youth

Speaking of selling sexuality, your book has come in handy to deconstruct some media messages targeting girls once again...

I just blogged about the new black and hot pink racy 'sexy diva' packaging of Camel No. 9 that conjures visions of hip boots, leather and lace. Sort of a cross between Love Potion No. 9 and Chanel 19 getting a cancer-stick makeover in the cigarette category targeting young girls.


I drew from your book, since it appears we now have pink cigarettes marketed to teens with sexuality branding to appeal to BOTH stereotypes within the pink war posse...powder puff pink and hot saucy vixen. bleh.

Still holding on to our 'pink energy drinks' article to source an editorial home...heads up if you find one first? Best, Amy

Pete Aldin

We often rail against the way people like Isaac Larian communicate with the rest of us, but really ... what do we expect? They're just not nice people. Of course they're going to try and turn the tables on people attacking their money-making enterprises.

Keep on doing what you're doing.

Shaping Youth

Ladies, one more for you that ties into what you're doing. (hey! I just noticed one of our own blog commenters landed on your site with his comment above, so yay, this cross-pollination of ideas is working in the blogosphere!)

Anyway, I'm sure you already know about this, but we just did a sugary cereal counter-marketing session and the latest one that turns your cereal PINK is 'Princess Fairytale Flakes'---figure you gals can go to town on that one...egad! Here's our post on it: http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=311

kathi Rick

Hi All,
i am a fine artist - my work is (always) of a political and usually feminist nature. This commodification of girls and girl hood appalls me. And the subsequent re-tooling of girls as lesser, vessels, compliant, etc combined with the subordination movements in the religious right and evangelical church (purity balls etc) and you have some deadly combinations. i have recently done a couple pieces on this that you might get a kick out of - kind of uber-religious right meets princess marketing. Let me know how i can send you some jpegs - like i said - think you'll get a (disturbed) kick out of them!
kathi rick


I Love you girls


Lisa Thayer

From the minute I knew I was going to have a baby girl I banned Barbie ...Time flew by ,I divorced my ex and he re-married as responsible mother I felt it was essential to meet his new wife and discuss my concerns,hopes, and fears regarding my daughter...Silly me bringing up Barbie or Bratz I felt I was trying for equal and understanding co-parenting...Not so .
Step-Mom went out and bought Barbie and then came Bratz like a crow attracted to shiny things my daughter was hooked and step mom was feeding the baby crow . What used to be a grubby I can do anything a boy can do second grader has now become a third grade every other weekend Paris Hilton and the way I fought this was by actually informing my ex that if he did not controll or respect my wishes regarding this issue I would have his wife in court so what was above ground has now become underground and I am seeing and fighting the whole ugly issue of "Packaging Girlhood" .

Pageant Mom

Even I don't agree with the marketing of little girls in sexual ways... and there are plenty of folks who are quick to blame pageants LOL

Thankfully, my daughter prefers a giant mound of stuffed animals! (she wants to be a vet when she grows up...) I think a lot of the attraction has to do with responsible parenting too ( I mean, would they keep producing this crap if people weren't buying??)



I like some of the things you write about but how does sexualization affects girls' cognitive functioning?


Still holding on to our 'pink energy drinks' article to source an editorial home...heads up if you find one first? Best, Amy

Pink energy drinks?

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