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July 30, 2007


Her Grace

Does this new post mean you're going to start posting more often?? I hope! I devoured your book and when I found out you had a blog, I was thrilled. I can't wait to read more!

Shaping Youth

Ironically, I'm speaking w/Danica's publicist right now about doing a feature for www.ShapingYouth.org as it fits right into our coverage of using the power of media for positive change.

I'm not wild about "lip gloss counting" either, but I think Danica's PURPOSELY being wry with tongue firmly in cheek, 'marketing to the pink posse' as a strategy for mainstream buy-in of middle schoolers...

She's far too aware of the problem NOT to be part of the solution in my estimation.

She even said in a Stanford speech that math needed 'sexied up' and I've got to agree that coke-bottle brainiac media stereotypes aren't cutting it for luring new female engineers and math mavens into the mix!

We need to promote the 'smart IS sexy' agenda in a more cerebral way...kind of the 'thinking man's alternative' to vapid objectification.

One of our media/reality show counter-marketing sessions for Shaping Youth is called "Idolized" riffing on American Idol to ask kids to come up with healthier role models...to me, Danica's one of them.

If any of your youth readers have ideas of who THEY would like to see positioned as positive picks, ping me on our blog at www.ShapingYouth.org

With pop culture's Paris Hiltonization of childhood, we've got nowhere to go but up!

Amy Jussel, founder, Shaping Youth

Shaping Youth

Quick update here: We chose Danica for our first People Shaping Youth profile, and look forward to any of your suggestions in terms of viable role models...

Here are the links to our profile piece on Danica, with a heads up to your readers to nominate fresh faces and get some meaningful media into the mix!

Danica as honoree: http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=613
Danica selling smarts: http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=560
Danica 'exponentially positive' http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=609


I am SO glad you got the message that girls can be smart and pretty. Hopefully other feminists have got the message.

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