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September 06, 2007


Cheryl Branscum

Please sign my petition protesting Bratz dolls.In a world where there are so many pedophiles and girls having babys at 14,I feel like I have to at least try and do something,women have come way to far to have our children look up to this.


Pageant Mom

I couldn't help but comment after stumbling on your blog :o)

Yeah, I fall into the "give her a break" camp (LOL I AM pageant Mom teehee) because it IS so hard to do those stupid questions!! Public speaking is THE number one fear of Most folks, not just over-primped pageant girls standiing in four inch slingbacks on National telelvion! (p.s. been there done that and have the t-shirt) No one ever seems to comment on the girls who don't screw it up though, it seems that only one tends to ruin it for all. As a former "beauty queen" myself and now the mom of a pageant girl, I have to disagree with the generalization that being attractive and smart are mutually exclusive. What I DO think is wrong is the neglect of education for the sake of superficial improvements.

Oh, and I've seen many, many, an individual mess up even the most innocuous question regularly at my Toastmasters club meetings! (Just as poorly if not worse - including business executives all the way to housewives :o)

Oh, and btw, even I HATE Bratz... and my daughter? singularly unimpressed she is :o)


The pre-occupation involved in a high maintenance look really does affect females intellectual performance because they are self-conscious and preoccupied with their looks. We don't need scientists to do a swimsuit test to tell us this ! We all know how early girls are now encouraged to lose their natural sponteneity and innocence so their self-obsession and risk of developing anxiety, narcissistic personality disorders increases.

A less high maintenance look is not so inhibiting especially if the girl gets into the swing of it so that she can 'do her face' in 5 mins before going to work and is probably a good idea in order to get a job in the first place. As long as she is clear about the fact that she is only playing the role that's expected of her and doesn't believe her self-worth is dependent on her appearance.


Wait--didn't you want a girl who was smart and pretty? Start looking at shows with these kind of girls.

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