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November 19, 2007


Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter

Great post (well, sad, really) and happy to see you back in the blogosphere.

Mommy B

Wonderful post! As a marketing professional myself, I've long been aware of (and sadly, have also conformed to)the "Girls will watch boys, but boys will not watch girls" rule.
Getting the message out that these old media standards have a real effect on our girls is so important. Thanks so much for doing it!


Welcome back -- and with a very important post. Many thanks. Keep counting and keep shouting.

Mrs. C

I'd rather girls not be represented at all in the cereal and toy aisle if "Bratz" and the like is the best we can expect... And for President? Can we just not have a female candidate this year if this is all we've got? Bleh.

Incidentally, I have five boys and my children are RIVETED by the Little House series. They can't wait to find out what happens to Laura next! There are some *good* things out there... maybe just not many. And you do have to look for them.


Did they do this scientifically? i.e did they show films where the majority of people were female, and films where an equal numbers as a control?


This was published in PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE, a journal with a stiff peer review process, so I'm guessing that they couldn't say what they did if their methodology didn't support it but I'll try to find the original article for you.


Maybe 100 Days of Summer can turn the tide!:)

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