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January 14, 2008


Her Grace

I don't think you're overreacting at all. In college, I took a logic class, which (weirdly) delved into subliminal advertising. There's sexual innuendo in nearly every (adult) ad, even if it isn't blatant. This one, however, doesn't even try to hide it.


This is happening more and more all the time. Its intentional and sad that we've stooped so low to sell products.

Shaping Youth

Hi ladies...thanks for posing the question, amidst what's turned into an absurd brouhaha, and all out flame-game of my post on the Mn.Speak site. Really wish they'd elevate to a more cerebral level and bigger context than this one Target ad...

As I've reiterated many times before in this absurd 'debate,' this is a comparatively MILD case of an ongoing, profoundly damaging objectification trend in advertising and marketing in general which has gone beyond the obvious products (beer, fashion, cologne, etc.) into household goods and ‘family firms.’

A gazillion new links are on Shaping Youth in the comments section from others who concur this was no ‘oops’…

Here’s hoping it either escalates into a larger context or fades out altogether, for instinct tells me somewhere there's a snarky creative director pumping fists with a “yes, we got what we wanted, free publicity for Target.” Or worse...

"Yo! Let’s copycat this ‘crass enough to claim cluelessness’ objectification on all our accounts… not ‘Axe’ level stuff, just ‘edgy’ enough to start a viral pundits war and get the blogosphere blazing, woohoo!"

Eesh. For that reason alone I’m not posting an update on Shaping Youth and moving on to more important issues.

I’ll continue to add new links in our comment section, including yours, but I’m stickin’ with my original assessment & analysis and hope that the conversation evolves into ‘bigger picture’ discourse of what we’re putting out there in the way of ambient advertising and subversive messaging, to boys and girls alike.


you guys are reading to much in to this....it is probably overexposure to the stuff you see -doctors get this problem all the time when first in the field...


i went and saw the original picture and it is not bad-the icon makes the legs longer and distorted but in the regular picture they are fine and two, the person is not 12 -it is a teenager and she is not even centered in the picture -she off center to the left.

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