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January 30, 2008



"When we were girls, our Barbies had black sequined slinky gowns that we think were called her "nightclub" outfit. What we understood at the time, was that when we grew up we would go to nightclubs in beautiful sexy gowns."

All this time, I thought that was an Opera Gown, and that when I grew up I would attend the Opera.


WOnder if this reflects social class differences. Lyn and I were discussing that we didn't know what opera was yet! I thought a wonderful night out would mean going to a nightclub where there was a band and a singer and small round tables that people in Tuxes and Gowns sat at. And I'm sure a lot of that came from movies from the 40's and 50's --Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire, Some Like It Hot, etc. My parents never went to a nightclub OR the opera!

In both cases (opera or nightclub) it's really about our parents and what we imagine they might do in such a gown...that's really the point. It wasn't what WE would do...and even so, what would we have done then? Lyn points out she remembers driving Barbie around in her pink car all dressed up; not even sure we had a destination...probably another Barbie's house. That's what's so different with all the prefab play scenes reinforced by reality TV--girls have been completely inundated with the clubbing, dancing, bar, hot tub scenes and they know exactly what they'll do.


Barbie is a loser that needs to retire, i love Bratz I'm so glad that they are destroying the Barbie empire. I'm 21 and i love Bratz


Bratz r my fAvorite i wish they would make anather movie the title would be THE BRATZ GONE FOR COLLEGE.Im 18 and i love BRATZ!

Julie Hedrick

My husband and I were at Kohl's today and our one year old starting screaming "Barbie!"... so we go over to the box, and there was sweet Barbie holding a martini glass! I'm trying to get the media involved now...

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