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January 23, 2008



i wish you would write about -a-that the chinese girl in the suite life wasnt a complete air head
that many children's and young adult shows are gross, idotic, and pointless-that mindless sex, explotions/violence and beer are the three most important things in a guy life
Maybe deal with or give pointers to the nice guys who have trouble getting a good relationship
yet other unkind people do.
The culture of The man show, porn or pornish advestisting and etc Why it is a good be a virgin and wait for marriage rather than a stigma. Deal with hyper violence and sexuality in anime and adult cartoons

Deal with drinking (or not drinking) in a responible way
deal with books and people and mindset-like the A-to Z guide to maclininity and I hope they serve beer in hell- Tales of a Guy who is a total ***** jerk)compare to dangerous book for boys and daring book for girls
deal with hook ups and broken hearts
deal with celebration of drug/substance abuse with a emphasis on the untold and undealt with connection with aliention from family and job and mental illness -
Deal with Power and presidge -controlling mantiplive behavior

watch the movie escape from afflencia and study the phemonation that society takes the worse from guys and creates this stereotype of guys which the guys and the girl -copy-see all american pie, and other raunchy movies-see also anti intelligence, "pimpology"-drug/profanity
hyper violence/sexuality
and desensized via music, horror movies/other movies (did we need a saw 4?) and other stuff
this is a good place to start !

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

I just was referred to your blog by one of my readers. I write on these issues as well.

Great project! I am a mom and a marketer and would love to help with this project. Check out my blog and let me know if I can provide some insights or assistance!

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