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May 02, 2008


hannah romenesko

i think miley is showing how vulnerable she is to the whole "i'll do anything i can to be sexy and na adult." Maybe next we'll see her popping pills with the olsen twins!

Mommy B

Great discussion.

I'm still utterly amazed at just how many people can't quite grasp the bigger picture here. It's not simply that Miley Cyrus was shown in one picture wrapped in a sheet (and looking very post-coital, frankly) but that fact that girls/women are bombarded with this type of imagery every single day.

If most adults can't see the damage that these types of images can do, how are kids supposed to be guided in the right direction?

Wow, that's a scary thought. I actually made myself sad with that one.


That picture isn't even Miley Cyrus! And I know it isn't! I don't see why people are making such a big deal out of this whenever it isn't even her! And I also know that Miley would never do that! So stop thinking she's just the most horrible person in the world!!!!!!!


Hi Anonymous, Read what I say more carefully. I don't blame Miley at all. AND I even make the same point you make, that the picture doesn't even look like her!

Andrea Seastrand

It's unfortunate to finally see all of this coming to a head. By "this" I mean the incessant marketing and sexualization that's turned our girls into a generation of sexy "women" in childrens' bodies. When I heard of Miley Cyrus' photo shoot, I tuned in since my daughter has been a fan. It interests me that Cyrus (here I mean Miley and her parents/father) felt the only way to attract an adult audience was to show more of her skin. I can't throw much blame at Ms. Liebovitz other than to say that her vision was, perhaps, misguided and directed at a young girl who has become a celebrity far too quickly, far too young. I remember when Billy Ray and Miley posed on the cover of People. The headline read something like "Raising a Kid in Hollywood the Right Way"...uhh...what happened to that "right way"? I am not a puritanical person; I realize sex sells in this nation, but it should not help to sell anything -- image, clothing, celebrity, music, etc -- to the detriment of an entire GENERATION of young adoring fans. Lastly, every time I look at the photo I can only think it's like something Humbert Humbert would have coerded Lolita into posing for. It's too much, too young, but is not terribly surprising considering the success of (wretched) Bratz dolls and inappropriate clothing.


If you do not want your child to see this picture of Miley it is difficult to censor it because it is on newstands everywhere and all over the internet. Miley is 15 and every 15 year old questions their sexuality at one point and seeks to find themselves. If you think those photos are bad, just look at the ones on her myspace. Honestly, I do not believe she was coerced by the photographer and a 15 year old should be able to say "no" I am 14 and I know my limits!


I agree that girls are oversexualized too young, but at the same time, I have to wonder about the message these condemnations of the images are sending. Catherine in the comment posted above makes a very good point. I am 20 myself. I feel that the sexuality of teenage girls is being denied to some extent. I can only speak for myself, really, but my friends and I have talked about this on several occasions. The barrage of messages about sexuality we receive from the media seems to be either hyper-sexualized, Cosmopolitan magazine style "how to please your man" stuff that presents a very distorted, mainstream pornographied picture of sexuality to young girls, no doubt. On the other hand, without fail, there is a harsh condemnation from respected social commentators in response. How confusing to bombard girls with these mixed messages simultaneously ogling and condemining young stars like Miley Cyrus. I think we need to open up discussion about the sexuality of young women.

I suppose my point is this: Not all of us are buying into it. I hope parents will educate their daughters and tell them that it isn't wrong to be curious about your sexuality and that sex is wonderful if both partners are willing, understanding of one another, ready, and are safe. Also, that not every guy out there is into these bizarre, hypersexualized psuedo ideals of what a woman should look and act like promulgated by the media. There is much more more to female sexuality than dressing like a Bratz doll or Jenna Jameson. Talk to your daughters about sexuality in an open, nonjudgmental way. We're listening.

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You know several provocative images of Cyrus in her underwear and swimsuit were leaked onto the web by a teenager who hacked Cyrus's Gmail account

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