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June 18, 2008


Russian Brides

very beautiful photos...


Just because a she-geek is pretty does not mean she is sending the message that ALL girl geeks should be pretty.


How can you tell parents saying this/these one girl(s) is bad because they're a little pretty, and then turn around and say that another girl is bad just because she attempts to show small aspects of being pretty, but not enough to tick you guys off? And the girly-ness is that not all girl geeks like just books and stuff like that, so they become pretty. And sexism would be the girls telling boys, "I want your drama…I want your revenge…I want your horror…’Cause I’m a freak *****, baby!!" Why would they have to be tomboys? We have enough of that stereotype. And just because a girl gets dressed out one night, doesn’t mean she isn’t any smarter than a boy. All girls should learn that.

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