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June 21, 2008


Shaping Youth

Excellent piece and perspective...I'm going to forward this to Carmen at AntiRacistParent and Racialicious, as it is soooo true. Also to Felicia at Reign of the Girl Child, who I notice you've linked to as well (she's awesome)...Courtney at Respect Rx had some interesting perspective on the whole 'pregnancy pact' bit too; yowza. Poignant and personal: http://www.respectrx.com/archives/sex/teen_pregnancy_pact.html

m sammy

Thank you so much for this article; the furor and commercialization around "baby bumps" have bothered me for a while, and you've articulated exactly what I hate about it. I especially despise how cutesy the term is, like "pregnant" is just too dirty or grown-up a word or something. Ugh!

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