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February 25, 2009


Amy Jussel

Totally agree with you on this pick...I wanted to include it in our Shaping Youth film fest but I can't afford more screening rights right now as a tiny nonprofit! (so I think I'll do a 'home use' screening and go the house party route!)

I wish there were a way these orgs could red-flag nonprofits that are fledgling vs. massive, as they don't realize how many people we reach with a click and a blurb. sigh.

Scalability should not be dollar driven for access, there must be a better model for educators like S.Y. that are running lean but making huge impact far beyond the bloated bureaucratic nonprofits, ya know? sigh.


This sounds like an amazing movie! Thanks for blogging about it. I hope to see it somehow!


Um...according to Common Sense Media, Love and Basketball has more...um...stuff than Bring it On. Even it if does have better messages (again, according to the site.)


At first I thought it was a short film...guess I was wrong...

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