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February 26, 2009


Christy Ford

I have a small interest in this due to my 3 year old cousin being a big Dora fan. I've watched the video put out by CNN and I don't think we have anything to worry about.

I think it's silly for anyone to jump to conclusions and assume that any tween doll will automaticaly be creepy like the Bratz.


I blogged about you at www.jmlibra.blogspot.com and referenced you and the petition!!!


How about making her not YELL EVERY SINGLE SENTANCE!!!

That would go a long way in having that show be somewhat acceptable in my house

Jen LC




That is completey WRONG! Before we know it Dora will be 14 with a kid dropped out of school in jail!


I think we need to give the new Dora a chance...from what I see the new Dora is not as bad as people are picturing her..she's dressed proper and still looks lovely like a girl her age should.



Kaylee how can that be possible?


Dora hasn't been around long enough for college students to have grown up with her.

just saying...


Are you saying that Dora can't do feminine things? That's a stereotype; not for just explorers, but for females, too. Why must we act like boys to get power? I'm no advocate for putting Dora in full makeup, a bikini top, a miniskirt, and fancy ballet flats (thought they are better than high heels,) but come on! Dora could live a regular teenage life, going to dances, and such and such, while saving the world. Can't she be a regular girl?


Besides, didn't you say you wanted a smart, athletic girl who also wears pink, instead of being solely feminine or masculine?


Tough guys wear pink too. Or at least have feminine traits. On The Simpsons, the school bullies surprisingly enjoy ballet. And Nelson is a huge Andy Williams fan, not to mention his shirt is pink, and he owns a picture of Snow White, which he treasures very much. I'm not even kidding.


In fact pink was once considered a "guy's" color, and blue a "girl's" color.

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