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March 19, 2009


Carol Smith

Mattel is making a big mistake by buying (and selling) the line that 8-10 year old girls want to shop and dress up.
They want to learn about the world, they want to be themselves and be with their friends. They enjoy sports and adventure - they are much more complex than Mattel gives them credit for.


I don't think all the negative attention teenage dora is getting is fair. My daughter is 7 years old and likes to watch shows like hannah montana and i carly ( even though i discourage it!) I feel that a teenage dora would give kids something to watch. She is a character that is respectful and polite, and this is an example i would like my child to follow. My child agrees that watching a " big dora" would be " cool", please take into consideration all the moms of 7 year olds who dislike hannah montana, ECT, and would like a good example to follow


To missy711,
I agree that there is a lack of positive role models for tweens on tv. The problem I am having with "Tween Dora" is that three and four year olds have come to love her and they WILL follow her into this change. I don't think that it is healthy to encourage preschoolers to be concerned with clothes, hair, make up, etc. While Tween Dora could possibly be a great role model for your seven year old, the whole idea is obviously geared at widening Dora's spere of influence...to make more MONEY. Matel doesn't care about your seven year old. If they did, they would create wholesome SMART dolls instead of ditsy Barbies, BRATS, etc.


I just tried to view the CBS Early Show video and it seems to be offline. I could view all the other videos posted, but not that one. Hmmm...


I think that the new dora is a bad idea because my seven year old daughter loves dora,watches the show,and gets what she wants of dora.My daughter is disabled and we show the new image of dora and she absolutley dislikes her,but when we show old dora she smiles and gets so happy.Putting an new dora would show older kids that it's all about growing up but what about the younger kids?


You do have to admit ballet flats are better than high heels.

Adrian Wolf

I think the lesson I've learned in all this is don't let kids watch TV unless it's a tape you've personally put together yourself. I hope the link below can be of some use to you.



Then again, the high heels might have hurt poor Dora's feet, like pantyhose.

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