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May 23, 2009



I know a girl who, for her Secret Santa project, did a magazine for girls that was focused on thing s other than fashion. I don't really know much about it because I found out about it around half a year ago and didn't give it much thought.

Elizabeth Damewood Gaucher

You forgot the "best" part -- strip clubs are often such and such "gold." They didn't miss a beat, did they? Really one of the most blantant exploitations of the youngest child I've ever seen. And from a (previously) trusted brand too.....I'm amazed they would throw away their credibility on something so cheap, but I guess there is no limit any more. All we are waiting for now is the diaper thong. Absorbant up front, but no pantyline in the back. Mark my words. This is next.


I have a bit of a question about your book:

Why are all blond singers bad/shallow (Bitney, Jessica, Hilary, you get the picture)? You used to like Avril, but then she dyed her hair blonde,s so she's no good anymore. Guess what- Hilary dyed her hair brown. Now what? Besides, if you hear Pink or Taylor Swift, they are both blonde, but are excellent role models.

pinay teen ako

Yeah taylor swift is so nice and sweet. I hope she doesn't change when as she age.


We're not sure, but so far she seems good.


There was this one Simpsons episode where Lisa was considered stupid for her hair, but she is smarter than some people twice her age. So she dyed it, the way Hil did. (Well, Lisa didn't use it as a way to grow up...) At the end she says that it is a stereotype and how we shouldn't prejudice.




I agree w/ Round and Brown on the baby...sort of. She's supposed to be modeling for innocent baby's diapers,but with that suggestive pose...They've definitely crossed a line.

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