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June 01, 2009


Anna B

Ah, Disney. I have just come from seeing "Up" this afternoon. ONE female character who has the privilege of being a fiesty, go-getter of a little girl who has BIG dreams. She is smart, confident and good-hearted.

Guess what...she dies before she gets to achieve her dream, but thank heavens her widower is there to realize the adventure.

And with whom does he achieve this? A delightful little girl like the one he met as a child and later married? No. A little boy.

The one other female character has no lines and is named "Kevin".

What a disappointment. Either of the leads could have been female.

Brian H

Ghibli's movies aren't princess-free. Nausicaa and Sheeta were both princess protagonists (though the latter didn't know it at first). I agree that princess-free is the way to be, and I think Ghibli is far superior to Disney, but Ghibli isn't innocent either.

Lyn Mikel Brown

Thanks! Good to know. My daughter loved the Kiki movies and also Spirited Away. So inventive and cool.



Check out the movie Coraline. Strong female character.:)


I can't post my girl power songs. What's going on?


I'm certainly not about to argue for Disney princesses, but what's wrong with characters who have nice voices? It's not like the male voices in those cartoons aren't good, too. And parents can use a child's favorite songs from movies to get them excited to learn more about music.


Oh, and there's Monsters vs Aliens, Inspector Gadget (Penny saves the day), Enchanted, Bridge to Terabithia, Akeelah and the Bee (as a plus, she's African-American!), Race to Witch Mountain (one of the superhero aliens is female); most of these are Disney movies, so Disney does make some good movies.

Alastair Robertson

Anyone know if there are any books written about Princess Culture ?


Enchanted HAS a princess, but she decides to write her own ending rather than given what she doesn't want, celebrates the fact that she's angry for the first time, and even saves her prince. Waaay cooler than than African-American Tiana. I have never seen Coraline or Monsters vs Aliens, but I might see the former for John Hodgman. There's Ella Enchanted...but you already know of that.

Lyn Mikel Brown

I haven't seen a full book as yet, but there are lots of articles. One of the best is Peggy Orenstein's New York Times article, "What's wrong with Cinderella", Dec. 24, 2006.


Lyn Mikel Brown

Good point, Lila, about voices. We love beautiful voices--Sharon has one, in fact. But we're talking about a stereotype that the beautiful princess has the voice (not other female characters) and that she usually sings about wanting romance. Also, the music may be fabulous in lots of these movies, but be careful about the words -- just check out one of the best Disney movies with a female lead, Mulan. Do we really need songs that give girls a "recipe for an instant bride" or that call weak soldiers "daughters" as a way to shame them? What's the message?

As always, we're not saying don't watch or listen--but we are saying talk about this stuff and question it when you hear it.


You may also want to use "Unwritten" (Natasha Beddingford), "Pocketful of Sunshine (also Natasha Beddingford), "That's not my name (The Ting Tings), and "Single Ladies" (Beyonce) for your girl power collaboration.


Not to mention "Sk8ter Boi" (Avril Lavigne.) Don't forget lyrics and commentary on the song(if you want to make the CD famous!)


Okay, I know what you're thinking. How the heck is this empowering to girls? Well, Avril wrote this song because she was "sk8ter chick" in high school and was often put down by the preps. This song mirrors Avril's high school experience, and shows how the girls who are less popular often have happier futures than popular girls. As for the boy, romance was put in to make the story more interesting, not because the girl should end up with a boy at the end.

And really, this song is still cool. I mean, Avril plays her own guitar and co-wrote the song. How cool is that?!

Now is the song empowering to girls?:)

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It is good to hear about disney every child's favorite destination for fun,entertainment as well as best recreation place in the world and this is a good thing about this movie that children would definitely love to watch it


I have made an EP (extended play) of Girl Power songs. Here are all the tracks:

1. Hit me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar.)

2. Girls Just Wanna have fun (Cyndi Lauper.)

3. Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson.)

I'll be donating the CDs to needy kids.

I also have plenty of Girl Power songs on my Ipod, which is how I make CDs.

1. Pick on songs from my Ipod and put it into a playlist.

2. Insert a blank CD and put "Burn to Disk."

3. Wait for it...

4. I just made a CD!:)

The reason I have so many girl power CDs on my Ipod is because Genuis recommended "Girl Power" from the Itunes essentials after I bought "I Always Get What I Want" Avril Lavigne. It's like a PG version of "Rebel Girl" and was one of the "Girl Power" songs. Other songs:

1. Beyonce- Irreplaceable.

2. Carrie Underwood- Before He cheats.

3. Girls Just Wanna Have fun- Cyndi Lauper.

4. Independent Women- Destiny's Child.

5. Our Lips are Sealed- The Go-Go's- NOT Hilary Duff.

6. Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson.

7. Just a Girl- No Doubt.

8. Stupid Girls- P!nk.

9. Hit Me with Your Best Shot- Pat Benatar.

10. Shut Up and Drive- Rihanna.

11. Man! I Feel Like a Woman!- Shania Twain.

12. All I wanna Do- Sheryl Crow.

13. Wannabe- Spice Girls (I told you female pop stars can be cool!)

I also have other Girl Power songs technically not in the Girl Power Itunes category, but still cool (Stronger by (!) Britney Spears, If I Were a Boy, Single Ladies (both by Beyonce; she has done a lot of feminist songs!, Breakaway by Kely Clarkson, like I said.)

Would you like it if I made a CD of the feminist songs? There is a gap to be filled for girls who cannot have an Ipod!

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I've seen Howl's Moving Castle, the story is quite original also very inspiring.


Will anyone listen to me?

Generisches lovegra

Very good blog! Thanks!


Okay, let's not use "Sk8er Boi." You guys don't like the song and using it for a GP mix tap is not exactly your cup of tea.

Maybe we can use "I Always Get What I Want"-and the lyrics and live version- instead of that. Avril is kind of dumb @ interviews....


KSM is an American all-girl teen pop-metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band consists of Shelby Cobra (lead vocals & guitar), Katie Cecil (rhythm guitar & backing vocals), Sophia Melon (bass guitar & backing vocals), Kate Cabebe (drums), and Shae Padilla (lead guitar).

They gained popularity in summer 2009 when they covered the song "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick. The song was used to promote the new television series 10 Things I Hate About You on the ABC Family network.

Disney just signed up a girl rock band that plays their own instruments. How cool is that?:)


Well, i agree with Jenifier and basically all off youu. (exept from the person who thinks mulans songs are given the wrong impression, i mean it was and still slightly is a mans world out there, Mulans just telling it like it is, at school if you throw crap you throw like a girl .thats life.. && I <3 Avril lavigne, shes inspirational and so different, most the songs i listen to are girl powerish ones anywayss.
My Favourite Disney movies have to be mulan and Anastasia, both are looking for themselfs, not being dames in distress.
yah, sorry, i chat alot.XD


And there have been female rock bands who write their own songs and/or play their own instruments marketed by Disney-KSM (see above) and Everlife. And there have been Disney-pop stars who had a rock influence on their music, like Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, and even Miley Cyrus. Trouble is, Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale don't play their own struments and only co-wrote 1-3 songs on their first albums (when Hilary Duff went dance-pop rock, she co-wrote every song sans one written by P!nk.) Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato write some of their songs and play their own guitar and piano, however. Still, we haven't heard Miley play any instruments on her albums....


More ideas:

destiny's child - survivor

madonna - express yourself

change - taylor swift.

(I finally found a girl power song by Taylor Swift!):)


Why can't I post anything here?

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