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June 01, 2009



Oh, I see...

Pages for the comments...


I agree w/ the guy above.


However, spice girls are a little too superficial to be taken TOO seriously....


On the other hand, if riot grrl is too harsh for your tastes-and by harsh, I mean loud, angry, ear-splitting, head-banging-yet you want girls who rock, check out The Runaways, The Bangles, The Go-Go's, and the Donnas. They were/are more mainstream/pop-sounding than riot grrl.


Western society seems determined to pigeon hole little girls into an obsession with princesses and pink. It's something of a chicken and the egg argument whether Disney is merely reflecting society or if society has been shaped by disney.


But some men-mostly tough men in fact-wear pink. In my movie one of the male characters in an action-based subplot loves playing piano, dancing, and *gasp* painting his nails. No, really. And yet he's still awesome. Oh, and his sweater vest is pink (in the (TBD if being made) sequel.) I mean maroon. As in Maroon 5. Whatever.


Not to mention he has a weakness for Hello Kitty. No, really.

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why I never saw her before?? strange...I were sure that know all Disney's characters

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