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June 03, 2009


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Now that Britney Spears seems to be holding her act together and has shed some of her baby fat, rumors are that she may release a fitness video a la Jane Fonda or Cindy Crawford. Then again, Britney could just writhe around in a sauna as if she had just worked out as she does in her recent womanizer video.

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Most musicians and music lovers around the world know of guitar brands like Fender, Gibson, Alvarez, G&L, ESP and Ibenez. What they may not know is where these brands’ guitars are made and who makes them. Until a few years ago, many of these guitars were produced in Korea by factory workers who toiled long hours to meet production deadlines, working in windowless rooms, inhaling harmful fumes and making less than minimum wage.


Check out other female rock-pop bands, like:

1. The Runaways (glam rock/rock)

2. The Bangles (rock/pop rock/pop)

3. The Go-Go's (power pop/pop rock)

4. The Donnas (pop punk/garage punk)


1. The Runaways-Covers of classic rock songs like "Eight Days a Week," "Here Comes the Sun," etc. And guitarist Joan Jett has also covered classic rock songs; her most famous non-cover during her solo career is "Bad Reputation."

2. The Bangles- "Manic Monday" and "Walk Like An Egyptian" are their two most popular songs.

3. The Go-Go's-"Our Lips Are Sealed" was included in Itunes' "Girl Power" collection and covered by Hilary Duff. But their version is better.

4. The Donnas- Songs/covers like "Kids in America," "Dancing With Myself," and "Please Don't Tease" have been featured in popular girl movies like New York Minute, Nancy Drew, and Mean Girls.

Sexy Black Women

Haha! So very true! They can't even make the excuse that the couldn't cast for the role since they create the character and the actor.


Both The Go-Go's and Sheryl Crow made their way to VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock n Roll list, the former made rock history for being the first exclusively female band to have commerical success; influencing other all-female bands like the Bangles, some people think the latter was the greatest thing to come out of the mid 90’s Women In Rock boom, and Cyndi Lauper tried to craft an alternative image of femaleness. So there.


Did I mention Cyndi Lauper made her way to VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll list?:)


npickering how can u call beyonce a sult but recommend i use one of destiny's child's songs? Beyonce was in destiny's child u know...

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Earl Flournoy

Yeah, good point. My wife would love to see a heroine lead a cast in an animated film from Pixar. She's been looking for new looks to go with her front lace wigs, and a modern hairstyle from a lead female movie character would give her a nice change of pace. I sure hope that it's not that cartoonish, though.

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Personally I don't think songs ever get old. I have a collection of songs that I listen to quite a bit...these songs are from the 80's but they always seem to lift me up. I find that a lot of today's music is missing a certain character. Just my thoughts.


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happy recapture of bygone romance, the giddy exhilaration of high spirits and intense mutual accord, the sense of a perfect balance of power, the tragedy of parting and, not least, the sense of love as role playing," as Alastair Macauley writes in "They Seem to Find the Happiness They Seek."

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For years friends and I have advocated that the Sunday in May closest to May 31 be observed in chuches as "Sanctity of Life," also somewhat in connection with Memorial Day and its remembrance of lives lost in war. Of course, we have a Sanctity of Life Sunday already, in January because of the date of the U.S. 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which opened the floodgates for the Dr. Tillers and other "abortion providers." It would be better to observe Sanctity of Life Sunday not only in the US but elsewhere in connection with the Gospel of the Visitation. It is a rich and significant Gospel that the churches, including Dr.aaad Tiller's own Lutheran church, apparently, ignore.

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