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July 21, 2009


Felicia (aka Mommy B)

Forget about coming of age with a challenging new role, a special project or celebrating those old boring milestones like getting a drivers license or graduating high school...today coming of age entails come-get-me boots, a full face of make-up, big-girl hair and a couture outfit that shows off all the right assets "Look! I've got boobies now and I'm layin' all sexy on a table! I'm a woman!"

You are so right, the formula is tired, boring and trite, but at the same time it's got a huge impact on girls who are way too young to even be thinking "sexy". Miley's fan base is pretty much 8 years old ,which is why this old formula is so damn frustrating.

If I think about it too much my head will start to hurt.



Each summer, Children’s Miracle Network hosts MIRACLE TREAT DAY with Dairy Queen and spreads the word to people nationwide that on August 13 all proceeds from Blizzards purchased at Dairy Queen will go to help children of Children’s Miracle Network’s 170 hospitals. Last year, we raised $5.7 Million for the hospitals and we hope to raise as much, if not more, this summer. Check out the video message from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL’S MONIQUE COLEMAN below.

Feel free to post this video and help spread the word

Melissa Wardy

We've got a new formula at Pigtail Pals. We've set out to Redefine Girly! No pop stars or princess here. Just simple tees with a strong message for girls - they can be smart, daring and adventurous. Sans hooker boots. Miley - you still have a lot of growing up to do, dear.

Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth

All: Just sent you an email on a follow up I'm doing for Shaping Youth. And yes, I DID yawn. And even roll my eyes.

Tried to steer the LATimes toward you instead of me in today's piece http://bit.ly/ryPj5 for as you know I don't like the spotlight...unless I'm BEHIND the keyboard.

C'est la vie. Am going to incorporate some of these comments (including Felicia's) into my post today. Call me if you can. (already dealt w/some Twitter trolling trying to reframe my comment into something it was not, they apologized and deleted it) sheesh. Insta-media can be dangerous!

Talk soon? On lotsa stuff...


I was on Neopets, and we talked about whether or not a little kid could wear a cardigan to the beach...at least...that's what I thought. IT turns out they were talking about BIKINIS for little kids, and that the cardigan was the word they would refer it too! One said it was okay, since they didn't have much to...um...show, but now I loathe my decision for saying yes and being so darn stupid. What was I thinking? Too bad I didn't report them.:(

Her Grace

Thank you. I just had a friend tell me that I wasn't a "cool mom" because I refused to let my four-year-old buy a Hannah Montana t-shirt.

I may just send her this :).


Miley Cyrus isn't all bad. I included one of her songs "The Climb" as one of the suggestions for your Girl Power CD.




Mom was delighted when she found out about this.


Thank you. I just had a friend tell me that I wasn't a "cool mom" because I refused to let my four-year-old buy a Hannah Montana t-shirt.

I may just send her this :).

Ur kidding right???

Shes too young for images like that. Besides, you should've just let her buy the t-shirt and thought nothing of it. It's a token of her innocence.:)

Pinay Teen Pics

But must grow in the right way.


I thought Miley Cyrus was girl power singer!


A princess is basically the female version of a prince. She's just the daughter (or adopted niece) of a king/queen, king/princess, queen/prince, prince/princess, you get the picture. As a prince is the son (or adopted nephew) of a king/queen, king/princess, queen/prince, prince/princess ARGH I am becoming Captain Obvious.


No need to post twice...or once for that matter.

Miley Cyrus

I prefer Miley in a bikini. ;)



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Thanks v much for the weblog awards nomination btw! I was completely unaware of the event till I saw the link in my stats and found your very kind nomination.


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Did this journalist mean pathos instead of bathos? Because the former represents an appeal to the audience’s emotions, while the latter describes any seemingly ridiculous artwork or lame performance. Either way, it may be time to rescind this hack’s press pass…


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