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August 23, 2009


Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth

Glad you posted this apology...

Though it should represent a beacon in 'how tos' for corporate mea culpas on bad choices impacting kids, I'll applaud even louder when such absurdity is dismissed from the cultural context of 'edgy' and gets relegated to the backwash of pop culture as unthinkable hogwash from the get go.


Did you gals notice my movie idea?


as of today, the image is still on the lefthand sidebar


What the heck?

oakland security systems

What I didn't know was that, these days, it's very simple and cheap to set up a security system.


goes on with the useful information, that stork couples are mostly heterosexual (who would have thought?) and that there are 9 male and 7 female storks at the zoo.

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