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August 10, 2009



One time, this kid drew a picture of a mom selling a shovel to some guys (she was a Home Depot. saleswoman) with the caption (When I grow up, I want to be like Mommy!) But she looked more like a pole dancer than a saleswoman (it looked like she was dancing on a pole dancing thing with men throwing money at her.) Bottom line? Check your kids' homework.

Mat Edvik

I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt after your last post, however this picture communicates to girls that to be overly sexualized is desirable.

Hopefully the faces of the girls behind her show that they feel like Miley is making a fool of herself. I can almost see it in their faces.


The picture was LOL.




Obviously, the kid did not know what pole dancers were.

Pinay Teen Pics

She don't need to this. She's an amazing singer already, why not focus on that. Maybe she wants to prove that she's a better dancer as well.


It was an ice cream pole, and she was using it to keep her balance.



nursing cover

oh it's Miley! i'm actually an avid fun of her! waaa!!! go Miley! love it so much!


Then again, why was she on a moving cart to begin with?!

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The text goes on with the useful iion, that stork couples are mostly heterosexual (who would have thought?) and that there are 9 male and 7 female storks at the zoo.

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She looks more beautiful and sexy. She has grown up.

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