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September 13, 2009



What's wrong with girls being pop stars? It's not like boys (like Jesse McCartney, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, Jason Mraz) aren't pops stars. And some pop stars-P!nk (watch "Stupid Girls"), Taylor Swift (no GP songs, but still cool!), Avril Lavigne (watch "Sk8ter Boi"), Miley Cyrus (watch "the Climb")-are good role models.

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I also agree with you. No doubt Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne are really very good role models. I really love to watch movies online.


There were also the Spice Girls, who were the first pop stars to symbolize Girl Power, especially in songs like Wannnabe.

Pinay Teen

In my opinion girls are more powerful role models than men. They can influence both genders and that makes them more effective role models.


Pinay Teen why do you think that?

PS Girl power-pop is mainly superficial, riot grrl is easiler to be taken seriously.


Taylor Swift DOES have a girl power song (see Black Disney Princess board). And you should watch I Always Get What I Want to see that Avril's girl power-pop.


...boys are rockers but girls play the piano...

Whats so wrong with girls being pianists? It's not like men aren't pianists (Billy Joel, The Fray, etc.) And some famous, mold-breaking female singer-songwriters happen to be pianists (Amanda Palmer, Vanessa Carlton, Alicia Keys, etc.)


Plus, isn't there a musical genre called "piano rock?" One that mixes piano music with rock?



Scroll down and read the story at the bottom.

This punk-pop boy-LOVED ballet. I repeat, LOVED ballet. Real men wear pink...but heaven forbid a strong woman wear a dress! That's pretty much sexist in itself...


The text goes on with the useful information, that stork couples are mostly heterosexual (who would have thought?) and that there are 9 male and 7 female storks at the zoo.


It's worth noting that some of the Beatles songs were soft pop songs, a Lighter and Softer version of Elvis. They got Darker and Edgier, but compared to other bands (Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Deep Purple, you get the picture) they were pretty tame. Their only "real" metal songs were "Ticket to Ride" and "Helter Skelter." (In my opinion, though, only the latter counts as a "true" metal song.)


What do you think about Brithney Spears in the movie " Crossroads", Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez "Sinderella"? I liked it!!! Pretty funny ones!!!

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