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March 27, 2010



I agree.


But its off-topic...:(


You're nice, but...

The world is only recently recovering from decades of women in fairly limited media roles, so some feminist women like you can have trouble. Once a female character, especially a strong one, is seen doing something a little, well, too feminine for her own good, like doing menial household chores, or getting dressed up really fancy, or being too chummy with dudes, or liking the color pink...well, you can get ugly. Sometimes you even make an Internet Backdraft.

Case in point:

You say that Avril Lavigne is a marketed "everygirl" and that girl's magazines like Cosmo Girl say that she's become more girlie as she's gotten older and thinks that Jessica Simpson is "sweet and pretty" and "wants to look like her." Well, excuse me, Miss Women-should-be-men, but just because Avril Lavigne was a tomboy doesn't mean she can't change her personality! Stop putting women in boxes of "good" (tomboy) and "bad" (girly.) And just because they're girly doesn't mean they're bad, snobby little Gossip Girls (or Raven-Symones if they're African-American)! Christina Aguilera is a feminist artist, for example. Grrr...>:(


Christina Augulirea is a feminist right? WRONG!?! In most of her music videos is is portrayed to be a slut, hooker, prostitute, ect., that is not a feminist, and another thing - SHE'S PROUD OF IT!!! Mothers cannot let their daughters continue to watch this dirty slutty bitchy crap! She is also part of the illuminatti!!! A dangerous cult. She and other celebrities are bad examples for young girls:
- Beyonce
- Lady GaGa
- Vanessa Anne Hudgens
- Britteny Spears
- Nikki Manaj
- Rihanna
- Miley Cyrus
- Selena Gomez
- Lindsay Lohan
- Naomi Campbell
- Madonna
- Ashley Tisdale
- Hiliary Duff
- Katy Perry
In this case, being "girly" is bad, girly means "sexy" in these terms - not innocent. So yes, it deems girls as airheaded, idiotic, shallow, easy, lazy, waiting for my prince, good for only sex, kind of objects, like that slut showing her breasts to the camera, that's innappropriate. A girl needs to know she has more options than just to have children, cook for a man, clean his house, and stay at home. Women are not sexual objects to exploit, they are human beings people, persons. And they can do anything thet want. In the case of the media women are meaningless, we need to change that or we will reverse our rights UNKNOWINGLY!!!


You say Christina is bad because she is sexy. The video for Can't Hold Us Down continuously gets sut-shaming comments saying that she is a hypocrite for dressing the way she does and singing about women's rights, when the entire message of the song was that women should be allowed to express their sexuality and not be labeled or judged especially since *ahem* men aren't judged for their sexuality, not to mention that the MEN IN THE VIDEO ARE MORE NAKED THAN SHE IS. No, really. This is all true. And Christina is in her twenties, so it's okay. And Beyonce has feminist songs like Single Ladies. Lady Gaga does not fit one of the Cookie Cutter Cutie types and I think that is refreshing. (Google it.) Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff aren't as oversexualied as the other girls on the list. Madonna made it to # 8-NUMBER EIGHT-on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock and roll. Katy Perry writes all her own songs, dyed her naturally blonde hair black, and focused her music on rock as well as dance-pop, so she is at least trying to be different. And why is Ke$ha not on your list? She sounds like she could fit there. Everyone else on this list sucks though. And please, do the research before posting stuff like that.


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